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Mens Clothing Alterations

Based in Chester, we carry out mens clothing alterations to every type of garment.  Repairs, re-styling and re-fitting are all carried out by our expert team.  We pay superb attention to detail and provide competitive prices, no matter what type of garment you need us to work on.  Suits can be re-modelled and made smaller or larger and jeans, trousers, shirts and jackets can all be refreshed and revitalised with a good makeover by a qualified seamstress.


Why bring you men’s clothing repairs to us?

No matter what type of garment we are working on, our focus will be entirely fixed on doing the best job possible.

By taking your precise measurements, listening carefully to your brief and carrying out interim fittings mid-way – whether your project is a large or small one – total success is guaranteed.

We can reduce or enlarge the size of most garments and even carry out intricate alterations on heavy items, such as those made from wool or heavier fibres.  Every amendment will be made precisely and carefully to ensure that the details of the original garment are copied and adhered to.


Dresses, jackets, skirts & trousers

Whether it is your favourite jeans that need tapering or adjusting in size, or maybe you have lost the button, rivets or a fastening; we can repair and adjust them.

Why throw away an expensive pair of jeans when you can get them looking as good as new and fresh again with just a little time and effort?

Even whole suits can be altered to fit or to give them a more up-to-date look.  Jackets and waistcoats can be tailored to drape more precisely, trousers shortened or adjusted and the whole ensemble re-fitted so that you look well kitted out anytime, anywhere.  It makes no difference whether we are talking classic business suits or maybe something a little more special; for a wedding for example.  Each item will be treated with the same care and attention, no matter how little or how much work is required.


Even specialist items

Even specialist items like leather jackets or trousers can be tailored and the requisite repairs or alterations made.

They need to be done very carefully so that they are not apparent and any damaged or re-modelled areas need to be skilfully fixed and maintained.  The end result will be a garment that looks like a new model and makes you look and feel well turned out.

Give us a call now to get your wardrobe re-modelled and all those favourite clothes updated and repaired.



Alterations, Repairs and Re-styling

So why choose us?

The whole of our team are fully qualified and experienced, enabling them to provide service of the very highest calibre.  Once the work is complete, you will see that we work hard to match everything precisely, whether it be fabric, thread, buttons, zips or trimmings.