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Ladies Clothing Alterations

We are here to help with alterations and repairs to all women’s dresses or frocks.  Whether you need a button replaced or a complex re-style, nothing is too big a project for us.  We are experts in the field of ladies clothing alterations, re-styling and repairs – all directly from our premises in Chester.

Make it smaller, make it bigger

Our expert team are able to assist you with re-working of garments made from all types of different fabrics.

Even the more delicate items are not too much trouble for us.  Simply bring your clothing to us and let us give you an evaluation and price; silk, lace, leather or simply plain cottons and polyesters. Even wool garments.  We will carry out masterful re-sizing and repairs as needed.  Because we are expert and qualified seamstresses that have been carrying out this type of work for a very long time, once we know exactly what you want, we will produce it. 

Whether you have lost weight or even gained a pound or two, don’t miss out on wearing your favourite outfit again.  Expensive outfits deserve to be well looked after and you can save pounds by altering rather than replacing.

Dresses, jackets, skirts & trousers

Because we are able to work on any item of clothing, the repairs or alterations that you need can be varied and as intricate as you like.

Beautiful clothes look so much better when they fit well.  Whether you have just one item or a whole range of clothes that you need to get re-fitted, our highly trained team will get it fashioned and tailored to make you look as good as you always should.

Before we start work, we will take your measurements and then look at each item before proceeding.  If things are too tight, we can let out seams.  You would be amazed at how much extra room just an inch or two gives.  Dresses or skirts that are too full can have fabric taken out to give a more streamlined look.

We can adjust it!

Trousers and jeans can have the leg shape adjusted to suit what is currently in vogue or to suit your preferred fit.

And of course don’t forget coats and jackets.  Whether they are lightweight for summer or heavy winter coats that need a bit of a facelift or a tidy up, we will make the alterations and amends required to give exactly what you need.  If you have expensive leather or suede jackets that are looking dated or no longer fit well, we can attend to those too.  Tears or holes can be repaired invisibly and the shape or fit refined to give the best possible look and style.

Get in touch now to get your ladies alterations and repairs in Chester catered for.  Look fantastic and save money by renewing not replacing.


Alterations, Repairs and Re-styling

So why choose us?

The whole of our team are fully qualified and experienced, enabling them to provide service of the very highest calibre.  Once the work is complete, you will see that we work hard to match everything precisely, whether it be fabric, thread, buttons, zips or trimmings.